PHP Composer

What is PHP Composer?

It’s a very good dependency management tool for PHP. It manages all the libraries that you have on your project.


The composer will pull all the required libraries, dependencies and keep track all of them just in individual project not globally. Furthermore, you might be aware of PEAR which is established as PHP package manager. However, it has been abandoned for several reasons. First of all, much of the code in PEAR is out of date. Secondly, PEAR forces you to install packages system wide rather than on a project-by-project.


Installing composer is quite easy. In this tutorial, I’ll use curl to install composer thus make sure you have curl installed or enabled in your system. If not, use the following to install

sudo apt-get install php5 git php5-curl

Now move to your project location and run this command:

curl -sS | php

You should see a success message like this:

All settings correct for using Composer
Composer successfully installed to: /var/www/my_project/composer.phar
Use it: php composer.phar


Now that you have composer installed. To use the composer, it requires composer.json file in which describes the dependencies of your project. For instance, our project depends on PEAR, Mail, Mail_Mime, Net_SMTP, Service_JSON. So let’s create the file:

    "require": {
        "": "1.9.4", 
        "": "1.2.0",
        "": "1.8.5",
        "": "1.6.1",
        "": "1.0.3"

One question rising from here is that where you can find the package and the version for this file. Here is a good place for you to do that.
Ok now you can run a command to install those dependencies on your project:

php composer.phar install


Once you have all your dependencies installed. You need to autoload them into your project. In your PHP project, simply specify this in your index or bootstrap file:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';


Composer is now widely used by many PHP developers. So it’s better for you to start using it today.


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